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Super Color Booster


Super Color Booster is an innovative formula which combines colouring with deep nourishing of hair. Choose top quality colour boost!

The White Truffle dye is suitable for medium blonde to light blonde hair.
When added to hair dye during the colouring treatment, the BOOSTER dark 3D color conditioner will improve hair structure, leaving it shiny.
PINEAPLE SUPERFRUIT ensures a long-lasting effect of soft and fluffy hair, leaving it silky smooth and flexible.
Creamy and gel-like formula, 3D effect, deep colour, soft hair.

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Package contents:
* dye in a sachet (no. 1) – 40 ml
* fixative (no. 2) – 40 ml
* colour BOOSTER (no. 3) – 20 ml
* gloves
Instructions for application are on the sachet with dye (no. 1)