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EX 1040

Lifting Face Mask

Marion Kosmetyki designed a series of masks in the form of fibrous flakes in the shape of a face, which are filled with active substances. The masks are easy to apply and also bring a perfect effect even in 10 minutes. All you need is to put the mask on and wash it off afterwards. Very comfortable masks are perfectly fitted to your face shape.

Efficiently smoothens, prevents wrinkles from appearing and revitalizes the skin. An innovative active ingredient- PERMALANTM and cherry essences lift, make the skin firmer and remove little wrinkles. Vitamin C improves skin colour and moderates skin aging process by regenerating the collagen. Vitamin E neutralizes harmful effects of free radicals, perfectly moistens, smoothens and makes skin flexible. Especially for tired and mature skin.


Index 1040  Lifting Mask

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15 ml


For tired and mature skin


Marion Spa

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