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Black Mask Peel-Off Detox

Black Mask Peel-Off Detox

Black PEEL-OFF mask is an innovative solution for quick skin impurities removal. Detoxifying formula is based on active charcoal that absorbs toxins and cleans blocked pores. It removes epidermis dead cells and prevents blackheads. It leaves the skin fresh, nourished and soft in touch. Liquorice extract regulates the secretion of sebum, soothes skin inflammation and cleanses it of impurities.

Peel-off mask is dense and of gel consistency.

When dried, it creates a uniform layer easy to remove.

Intended use: mixed, oily, ackne skin.


CLEANSING MASK With Active Carbon

CLEANSING MASK with active carbon

Mask for mixed, oily and acne skin. Perfectly removes impurities, effectively improves condition of the facial skin, restoring its

freshness and vitality. The innovative formula contains active bamboo charcoal, which effectively absorbs toxins and impurities from the skin surface unlocking the clogged pores. Equalizes uneven facial skin tone preventing from formating pimples. Asian white peony as a perfect antioxidant reduces negative impact of free radicals caused by pollution. Is known for its soothing and calming qualities.

Mask formula is enriched with natural white clay which has astringent, nourishing and regenerating properties.

Beauty Tip:

For the best results, before applying the mask, use Active Bamboo Charcoal Facial Scrub from



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