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Multi-level quality control at each production stage

The modern machine facilities, multi-level quality control at each production stage, our own graphic design studio, and laboratory make it possible for the company to provide professional comprehensive services for even highly demanding projects.

In addition to numerous prizes and awards, that indicate the high quality of our products, we have received several awards for all activities and achievements.

Confirmation of compliance with the guidelines related to the provision of the highest quality is ISO Certificate 9001:2008, and ISO 22716:2007.




We may pack your products in a variety of sachets. At the moment, we have 8 sachet machines, owing to which we are able to quickly meet our orders. We are able to pack all sorts of liquid cosmetics as well as a variety of powders, tissues, face masks from non-woven fabric, wet wraps, etc.

The volume of sachets may range from 1ml to 50ml. Leaflets, hair caps, gloves, etc. may be glued on the sachets. You will find some more information on our services on the following pages. The sachets may also be double (Duplex) or triple (Triplex).

This solution makes it possible to combine two or three different substances. The sachets are joined by perforation, which facilitates easy use of several products. As an option, they may also have a euro hole.

Sachet with an applicator

Sachet with an applicator opens up new possibilities for products packed in sachets, as they cease to be disposable. Owing to a plug with a cap it is possible to pour out just the right amount of the product and use it many times. The applicator may be coloured any hue, in order to match the rest of the sachet.



We also pack our products in ampoules, which we manufacture using our own matrix. We are able to provide many colours of the details. We may also screen-print two-colour text on the ampoules. The ampoules are manufactured from certified plastics. The maximum volume of an ampoule is 7ml.


We have a comprehensive range of machinery facilitating the packaging of products in a variety of bottles with the volume ranging from 15ml to 500ml.



We also have a blister machine. The machine makes it possible to pack for example compressed facial mask made from non-woven fabric in one container, and active liquid ingredients in the other.

Wet wipes

We also have a line for the production of wet wipes. The certified high-quality non-woven fabric may be packed in sachets containing 10 wipes of more. We can pack substances supplied by the customers or propose successfully tested formulas from our laboratory.