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Permanent Color-no Ammonia


116-  Medium brown

123-  Red ruby

124- Aubergine

133- Gray blonde

Trying to meet expectations of Customers and the trend of a healthy lifestyle, Marionkosmetyki  is implementing new series of revOILution paints with nutritious oils . Thanks to the revolutionary technology- WITHOUT AMMONIA ; durable, full of glow, color of your dreams.

Series consists of 16 the trendiest and best-selling colors :

  • 110-Intensive black
  • 111-Dark brown
  • 112-Coffee brown
  • 113-Chocolate brown
  • 114-Hazelnut
  • 115-Subtle chestnut
  • 116-  Medium brown
  • 120-Burgundy
  • 121-Dark cherry
  • 122-Copper
  • 123-  Red ruby
  • 124- Aubergine
  • 130-Dark blonde
  • 131-Sandy  blonde
  • 132-Platinum blonde
  • 133- Gray blonde

WITHOUT AMMONIA .Special designed formula of product ensures attractive look  and natural beauty of your hair. Enriched with natural oils polynesian Monoi flower and macadamia nut gives hair an intense and brilliant color for a long time.

  • Do not flow of the hair, do not color skin and  has pleasant odour
  • Easy and fast application
  • By using bottle with an applicator product easily and quickly spreads on hair.

1. Activator color (number  1)-40 ml
2. Fixing Emulsion (number  2)-40 ml
3.Pair of gloves